Welcome 2017 Clients!!

Hello! Thank you for the continued support throughout the last 3 years!! I’d first like to say that if you are viewing my website from your phone you may have to turn it sideways to click the menu tab and select the different pages!

This year is a year of changes!

First change- I am now offering 10% off new session fees to all existing clients all the time!!!!

Second change- I am no longer offering wedding services. I love the idea of wedding photography but its just not my calling! I am blessed to have captured some beautiful weddings this past year!

Third change- Is a change in my family! I am expecting a new little human later this year which means my fall sessions will be very limited! Booking in advance is a must this year as I will be cutting my work flow in half.

I hope you all will have a happy and amazing 2017!!


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