Hello Fall 2021!

I cant begin to explain what a wild ride the last 1.5 years have been! With covid, family issues and a major surgery I’ve had to take quite some time off the during that time! However, even through all that, all of you have been so understanding and patient and I cant thank you enough!!

Now that surgery is behind me and I’m on the road to recovery I am happy to say I can start taking on studio sessions again for sitters, cake smashes ect… I am not cleared yet to do newborns or 3 month sessions as its still a lot of bending/twisting/ carrying around your precious little! I do plan on being back full time for every type of session by January! So if you’re expecting in late December-April or if you’re wanting to book a spring family session if I missed you this fall now, is the time to book!

I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces again!!